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Basement Waterproofing Experts

We'll inspect your basement for areas where moisture is seeping through. Then we'll remedy the problem with a combination of solutions ranging from sump pumps to complete drainage systems.

Interior Drain Tile System

Interior Drain Tile is most commonly recommended to address seepage through the cove joint (where the floor and wall meet) or through floor cracks. It is also commonly used as a complete solution to control and prevent just about any type of seepage. The procedure involves opening the floor along the perimeter foundation wall(s) and installing a perforated drain pipe surrounded with washed gravel and filter fabric at the base of the wall. The system collects water from multiple sources and empties it into a sump pump.

Our AQUA Flow Drain Tile System is unique in that it doesn’t require maintenance and comes with a transferable lifetime warranty to the homeowner.

Foundation Cracks

Before we get caught up in the details of how to fix a crack, let’s take a step back for a moment. Foundation crack repair should be done by a professional basement waterproofing company – no ifs, ands or buts. Handymen and plumbers are not usually qualified for the job. You know what? Waterproofers have no business hanging drywall or installing hot water tanks! It really comes down to the experience and expertise of the company that will stand behind the repair.

Cracks can be sealed from either the interior or exterior of the foundation. If done right, either way is equally effective. If there’s a deck or patio in the way, or your basement is unfinished, it’s more common to seal cracks from the interior. If there’s drywall or paneling up, or an obstruction such as a furnace, an exterior method is often preferred.

Window Well Covers And Drains

We offer a complete line of window well covers, window well drains and replacement liners to address just about any type of basement window well problems.

If your window wells are flooding, we can design and install a new drain system. If your window well liner is rusted or deformed, we can replace it. If your wells are uncovered, we also can install window well covers.

Sump Pumps

Being in the basement waterproofing business for many years, we have seen and tested just about every sump pump being sold today. We have found Zoeller’s cast iron series of sump pumps to be the most reliable, capable and efficient pumps available on the market.

Most sump pumps have an average life span of 5 to 10 years. Over a long enough period, it will fail and generally without warning. We can replace your existing sump pump – or if your house isn’t equipped with one, install a brand new system complete with a sealed basin and high water alarm to alert you to any potential problems.

Battery Backup System

Primary sump pumps are powered by your home’s electrical service. When this service is interrupted, which commonly occurs during heavy rain storms, your basement drainage system continues to collect storm water and overflow into your basement.We offer a complete lineup of emergency sump pumps. All pumps are designed to operate using a maintenance-free, 12-volt marine battery capable of pumping water for several hours until the power is restored.


High indoor humidity can lead to a lot of problems. Anything from taking a shower to cooking to washing (and even breathing) can increase moisture and ultimately lead to an unhealthy home. Moisture tends to gravitate downward into your basement where it is trapped without anywhere to go, especially in well-insulated homes. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends indoor relative humidity levels be maintained at 30 percent to 50 percent in order to prevent mold growth and musty odors. A conventional dehumidifier is costly to operate as it consumes a lot of energy. It’s also unable to dehumidify large areas such as your basement or crawl space. As an installer of Santa Fe Air System, we can dry up your basement or crawl space for a fraction of the cost of running a conventional dehumidifier and provide you with a much healthier home. Each system comes with a condensate line which can be emptied into your sump pump or floor drain. No more dumping heavy buckets of water.

Yard Drainage And Catch Basins

During heavy rains, downspouts and sump pump discharge pipes deposit large volumes of water beside your foundation, which can lead to a number of different seepage and even structural problems. It is good practice to divert as much surface water away from your foundation as possible.

Our Underground Downspout and Sump Pump Discharge extensions transport water away from your foundation to a small catch basin called a “Bubbler Pot.” Once enough pressure builds, water forces the lid to open, allowing water to be distributed evenly across your lawn. The system also eliminates tripping hazards and facilities easier lawn maintenance.

We also offer extensive yard drainage and catch basins for bigger yard drainage issues. 

Dampness Proofing of Concrete Walls and Floors

We'll inspect your basement for areas where moisture is seeping through. Then we'll remedy the problem with a combination of solutions ranging from sump pumps to complete drainage systems and moisture barriers. Our team experts will remove all traces of moisture, prevent future infiltration, and provide you with safe, dry basement - and peace of mind.

Structural Repairs

Water seeping in through cracks in walls, floors and foundations may require structural repairs. Our team of construction professionals will work hand in hand with our basement waterproofing specialists to repair damaged areas and prevent problems from reoccurring. Our services cover the full range of structural repairs, including pouring concrete floors, building walls and restoring foundations.

Concrete Floor Repair & Installation

There are a number of problems, associated with an exposed dirt/ gravel crawl space. Common examples include increased mold, radon and humidity levels-all which contribute to an unhealthy home. Utilizing a concrete pump, we can install a new concrete slab into your crawl space, which will isolate these problems and instantaneously make your home a healthier place. As an added benefit, it creates usable space for storage.

We can also replace your old, deteriorated and cracked floor with a brand new floor more suitable for future basement finishing. We usually recommend installing a new aqua tile system at the same time to prevent future basement seepage. There are considerable cost savings doing them in conjunction with one another.

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