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Let or experienced team fix any problems your foundation may have, including cracks, leaks, bulges, and bowing. Call today for your FREE estimate on our high-quality work! 


Foundation Repairs | West Hartford, CT | Rocco Balesano Contracting | 860-236-0071

Count on us to find the source of your foundation problem

During the winter months, expansive soils absorb water, freeze and expand, while during the summer months, the soil loses water and contracts. These expansions and contractions make your foundation crack, but you can count on us for high-quality, efficient repairs.

Get dependable foundation services

If your foundation has cracks, leaks, or bulges, call our experienced professionals to have it fixed quickly and efficiently. You can also depend on us to fix any bowing. We'll make sure your foundation is solid no matter what the problem. 

Foundation Cracks

Before we get caught up in the details of how to fix a crack, let’s take a step back for a moment. Foundation crack repair should be done by a professional basement waterproofing company – no ifs, ands or buts. Handymen and plumbers are not usually qualified for the job. You know what? Waterproofers have no business hanging drywall or installing hot water tanks! It really comes down to the experience and expertise of the company that will stand behind the repair.

Cracks can be sealed from either the interior or exterior of the foundation. If done right, either way is equally effective. If there’s a deck or patio in the way, or your basement is unfinished, it’s more common to seal cracks from the interior. If there’s drywall or paneling up, or an obstruction such as a furnace, an exterior method is often preferred.


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